5 scenarios

Game: you are a parent of a boy with moderate autism

1) Its 3 AM and you have work in the morning, so you have to get up at 6 AM. you wake up at the sound of your son running around and making noises. Do you…

  1. Get up and try to put him back to sleep
  2. Ignore him knowing that he’ll get tired and will go back to sleep himself 

If 1. After multiple tries of getting him back to sleep, he refuses and you end up losing three hours of sleep 

If 2. You end up waking an hour later at the sound of him breaking a glass cup and hurting himself. You take him to the hospital missing one day of work. 

2) You’re out in public buying groceries with your child when he starts having a meltdown making loud noises and causing everyone to look at you. You..

  1. Get up and take your child back home
  2. Urge him to quiet down by giving him his favorite snack

If 1. Your child calms down but you end up not buying any groceries needed for your home

If 2. Your child declines the snack and starts getting even louder 

3) Between work, housework and taking your child to therapy, you and your spouse want to make time for a date night. You…

  1. Leave your child with your parents for the night
  2. Have no time for a date night and can’t leave your child 

If 1. Your parents call you in the middle of the date because your child is having a bad tantrum 

If 2 You and your spouse start to argue more because because you rarely spend time alone anymore

4) Your working hours start to clash with your son’s therapy appointments. You…

  1. Ask for more flexible working hours
  2. Quit your job to make enough time for your son

If 1. Your workplace does not grant you your wish and you end up getting fired for missing so many days of work

If 2. You manage to take your child to all his therapy appointments but you start getting depressed for no longer having a job

5) your daughter has a dance recital at school today and your son’s temper is irritable. You.. 

  1. Take your chances and go anyway with your son
  2. Decide to miss the recital to avoid your son having a tantrum in the recital

If 1. Your son ends up throwing a tantrum in the middle of the recital which causes you to leave and wait for your daughter outside of school

If 2. Your daughter returns home upset and locks herself in her room for the rest of the day because you didn’t show up

2 thoughts on “5 scenarios

  1. Awww this game is breaking my heart as a mother… I was really feeling it as I was reading. Thank you. Can the player occasionally have a different option than the two you offer? So I understand tantrums happen… would it occasionally happen that e.g. the mom learns how to do grocery shopping faster to avoid giving opportunities for tantrum… or she realizes a particular isle has something that triggers tantrums? Or am I being too unrealistic?


    1. Nooo it’s not unrealistic at all, but the problem is tantrums can be very random and can happen anywhere suddenly. Also, there’s the factor of people staring which can cause parents to become very nervous and unable to think of a quick effective solution at the time the situation is happening, which is the feeling I’m trying to get the reader to experience.


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