Autism Game

My game focuses on the challenges that parents with Autistic kids go through. Autism is a disorder that has a variety of conditions differing from one person to another including: repetitive behavior, struggles with verbal communication, sensory issues, social communication problems along with many other characteristics. I hope I can get feedback on wether or not my game was able to give you insight about an autistic boy’s journey with his parents and if there’s anything you think I should change.

3 thoughts on “Autism Game

  1. Thanks Noura. This is pretty good – but the Google slides was difficult to access, so plz change the sharing settings.
    I also noticed halfway through that you tell the player that the kid is non-verbal. You had not said so before, and I think you need to provide more context early on for players who know nothing about autism. Even for people who know about it, you need to tell them where on the spectrum the child is. Perhaps you need to add a couple of scenarios about when the kid is first diagnosed and what kind of behaviors they exhibit? Should the player eventually find ways to have a better life, either as they adapt to their kid, or as the kid grows and gets therapy or finds communities that are more understanding?

    Also, I understand some moments w autistic kids can be good, rather than all bad. Can we have some of those moments? or is that not realistic at all?


  2. Well done, Noura, I think the game is able to make the player feels the pains and sufferings of parents who have children with physical or mental impairment. However, is the only purpose from the game is that? If yes, I think you have reached your goal. But I think entertainment, which is considered an important feature of narrative games, is missing. Entertainment could be represented in sound effects, game graphics, visuals etc. Also, try to work on narration to make it more interactive storytelling rather than multiple choice.


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