Tools Reflection

Throughout the semester we used a number of different online tools. Some of which I was already familiar with, while others I was a first time user to. 

Slack was one of the first tools I used for class that I wasn’t very familiar with. I really liked using slack and I prefer it to other tools for many reasons. First, having a channel for each topic is an easier way to access everything in an organized manner and keeps each channel limited to what it’s for. Also, it was very helpful for class in terms of group discussions plus it gave the advantage of reading other people’s questions and knowing the response without repeating it yourself which I believe is far more useful than email which takes time and doesn’t leave room for much elaboration. 

Twitter is one of the tools that I just didn’t like that much. Before I was obviously familiar with Twitter but I just wasn’t a fan of it, after using it in class that still didn’t change. For me there are just certain things regarding the settings that make it harder for me to use. For instance, having a small word count for one tweet is just very limiting, and the process of posting multiple separate tweets to say one thing just doesn’t seem very practical to me. Also I remember using it for class and tweeting something that I couldn’t edit and could only delete which made me feel like it wasn’t the easiest thing to use. 

Soliya has been my favorite tool to use. I really liked the experience as a whole, it reminded me of exchange programs except it didn’t cost any money or a long period of time. One of the things I really liked about solya was the talk button. The talk button gave each person a chance to talk without being interrupted which I thought was very helpful and smart. I also liked how many of the topics we discussed in class could have been applied to the sessions. It was just a great exposure to a number of different cultures in just a few sessions. 

WordPress is one of the tools that I really enjoyed using. The blogging experience has been interesting and new to me. Usually I get very nervous about sharing my thoughts, so this tool has been a good way for me to practice sharing my point of views and opinions while receiving feedback on them. For me, this is way better than just submitting assignments on blackboard because it gives a chance for other classmates to also read my articles and vice versa. 

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