Final Reflection on Digital Pathway

When I was trying to decide what path to choose for my digital literacies pathway I knew I had to go with the theory path. I love to read articles, I love to read in general and that’s why choosing this path was the most useful one for me as it allowed me to choose from a number of different articles and gain knowledge and information from each one. Also the website organized the articles in a way where they  were placed under a certain topic according to which related to what topic. 

There were five different issues to pick fro and I decided to choose the ones I was interested in leaning more about. What I liked about the articles were the fact that they weren’t took long and that they were straight to the point. All the articles I read were interesting and fun to read. I liked how they used visuals such as charts and diagrams and how there were hyperlinks fo specific terms to help the reader learn more about that term. So this pathway would definitely suit those who learn better through reading like myself.

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