Digital Literacies Pathway

For my Digital Literacies assignment I chose to go through the ‘theory path’. Choosing this path was a good opportunity to learn more about how healthy the internet is by reading articles from the Mozilla’s internet health report url.  Article 1:Digital Inclusion  more-than-half-of-the-world-is-online-but  Reading this article, it was no shock for me to learn thatContinue reading “Digital Literacies Pathway”

Digital Literacies in Egypt

‘Go Clean’ is a recycling center located in Egypt that helps raise awareness about the importance of recycling and offers a service that brilliantly helps the environment and the people at the same time. They can be found both on Instagram and on their website : They have simple steps for their followers toContinue reading “Digital Literacies in Egypt”


After reading the ‘information equity’ article (chapter-6-information-equity) I learned that information is  absolutely necessary to reach all kinds of equity.  I understood that information equity means to have a fair chance to access information.  Unfortunately in egypt a lot of people have very limited access to information. Because of that lack of access, some peopleContinue reading “Reflection”

Autism Game

My game focuses on the challenges that parents with Autistic kids go through. Autism is a disorder that has a variety of conditions differing from one person to another including: repetitive behavior, struggles with verbal communication, sensory issues, social communication problems along with many other characteristics. I hope I can get feedback on wether orContinue reading “Autism Game”

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